Welcome to the world of Power Wheels. This is where design, engineering, and manufacturing come together to create the highest quality and most exciting forged wheels in the automotive industry.

Power Wheels was founded in 2009 by the mad-wheels-scientist, Leonid Demin. Leonid quickly became the largest high-end wheel distributor in Russia. Providing Russian and European car addicts with the best wheels that the world had to offer to create some of the most insane cars that the global car culture has ever seen.

Other wheel companies just want to complete your transaction. At Power Wheels, we want to complete your vision.

Features of forging


Forged disc can be up to 40% lighter than cast discs of the same design

Alloy 6061-T6

A special alloy used in the aerospace industry, a unique balance of weight and strength in the product


Thanks to its structural features, the forged disc is 30% stronger than the cast disc.


Power Wheels is so confident in its rims that it offers a life structural warranty .


Thanks to the individual design, you can make a wheel of almost any design.

Fuel economy

Due to the low weight of the wheels, fuel consumption is reduced, and the load on the car's suspension

Own manufacturing

In 2018 we launched the production of forged wheels in Russia. Now we have almost completely switched from sales to production. Our knowledge and experience of working with leading companies from all over the world have contributed to the realization of the production of forged wheels of high quality in optimal time and at a reasonable price.

In our team there are engineers with experience in the aeronautical and automotive industries and with the necessary knowledge of static and dynamic load calculations. A particularly important point is that our engineers work with specialized programs that produce load calculations with an accuracy of up to 99%.

Unique finishes

At Power Wheels, we pay special attention to the quality and aesthetic beauty of our finishes. After an extremely strict and surgical preparation process, industry leading finishes are delicately applied in a state-of-the-art facility. We create the finest powder coated, hand-polished, hand-brushed, and diamond cut finishes possible.

We know, however, that beauty is not only borne through advanced technologies and strict regiments. It must be married with craftsmanship of the highest calibre. This is where the wheels become a piece of art. To get the best brushed finishes in the industry, our team of artisans use their hands to create incredible textures and reflections.

Ordering stages

Primary request

First, you need to send us an application for which car you want to produce the wheels. Desired size and design preferences. Perhaps some other wishes.

Assigned to a manager

After clarification of all necessary questions, you will be assigned a personal manager who will guide you through all stages of the order.

Choice of design and color

A manager will help you choose a design for your car. To get a better idea of how the wheels will look, we can visualize them on your car.

Signing the contract

After selecting the design and agreeing on all the details, there is a signing of a contract. In which will be specified terms of manufacture, warranty conditions, etc.

Technical model

Designing the technical model of the wheels based on the individual parameters of the client's car. Loads, operating conditions and other possible wishes of the customer are taken into account.

Model Approval

After the technical model is made to your individual parameters, it must be agreed and approved, and only then will the wheels be put into production.

Production (manufacturing + painting)

The most critical stage. Engineers write control programs, machine setup and production takes place. Afterwards, the finished product is checked and prepared for painting.

Quality control

After painting, each disc is tested on many quality and compliance parameters before being issued to the customer.

Delivery or pickup

Each wheels is carefully packed so that it is not damaged during shipping. Afterwards, the drive is shipped by the optimal method of the customer's choice. From pickup to air delivery.

About Us

Over the years, the founder of Power Wheels, Leonid Demin, began to see what others didn’t – that the high-end wheel industry had become stagnant and bloated. He saw that his favourite brands either lacked quality and strength, had uninspired designs, excessively long lead-times, or ridiculous prices.

As someone who loves cars and wheels almost as much as life itself, Leonid decided to put matters into his own hands. After years of research, in 2018, Leonid invested in the most advanced manufacturing machinery and computing technologies available. He hand-picked the best designers and engineers in the business – all with one goal in mind – to turn the wheel industry on its head.

Aeronautical engineers, automotive engineers, and professional designers make up the heart of Power Wheels. Not the sales managers and marketing specialists. Static and dynamic load calculations take priority over Instagram followers.

Who says you can’t have custom-made forged wheels designed and manufactured just for you? Who says you need to pay several months’ salary for a set? Who says you need to wait months and months? The reality is, they all say it. Not Power Wheels, though. At Power Wheels, we do what they told us was impossible. It’s because they can’t that we had to create a company that can.

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