Order stages

Primary request

First, you need to send us an application for which car you want to produce the wheels. Desired size and design preferences. Perhaps some other wishes.

Assigned to a manager

After clarification of all necessary questions, you will be assigned a personal manager who will guide you through all stages of the order.

Choice of design and color

A manager will help you choose a design for your car. To get a better idea of how the wheels will look, we can visualize them on your car.

Signing the contract

After selecting the design and agreeing on all the details, there is a signing of a contract. In which will be specified terms of manufacture, warranty conditions, etc.

Technical model

Designing the technical model of the wheels based on the individual parameters of the client's car. Loads, operating conditions and other possible wishes of the customer are taken into account.

Model Approval

After the technical model is made to your individual parameters, it must be agreed and approved, and only then will the wheels be put into production.

Production (manufacturing + painting)

The most critical stage. Engineers write control programs, machine setup and production takes place. Afterwards, the finished product is checked and prepared for painting.

Quality control

After painting, each disc is tested on many quality and compliance parameters before being issued to the customer.

Delivery or pickup

Each wheels is carefully packed so that it is not damaged during shipping. Afterwards, the drive is shipped by the optimal method of the customer's choice. From pickup to air delivery.

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