PW DC010

We developed the Diamond Cut line specifically for customers who want to get wheels with a “face cut”. We have developed designs that will look best with this decorative element. In order to make the protrusion look like an extension of the design, we carefully work on the proportions of the spoke lines and shapes that ultimately form the final image.

Available sizes:
14″ | 15″ | 16″ | 17″ | 18″ | 19″ | 20″ | 21″ | 22″| 23″ | 24″ | 25″ | 26″

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Standard caps

All our wheels come free of charge with our design aluminum caps. But if you want you can order engraving of any design. All these details you can discuss with your personal manager.

Screw caps

Screw caps on the wheel, this is a special element that gives the design extra exclusivity. They can be with or without plates that cover the bolts. These caps are always made individually for each project.

Titanium bolts

Titanium alloy Bolts are available as an option. These bolts are lighter and much stronger than standard bolts. This is an exclusive option for your vehicle.

Titanium nuts

In addition to bolts, we can also make Titanium Alloy nuts for your car.

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